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Ava Went to the Pound

21 Jan

It is with great sadness that I write this post.

Today we had to take Ava to the pound.  Ava was my daughter Kyndell’s dog and so she wanted to go with me to drop her off.


Kyndell & Ava

Kyndell & Ava

As you can tell, Kyndell had been crying and was forcing a smile for the picture even though it was not a joyus time.  Several months ago, Ava become very dominat with our boxer, Bella.  They got into a fight over some dog food and Ava kicked Bella’s ass, causing her the need to get stitches in her leg.  This caused concern, and we had Ava checked out to make sure nothing was hurting her that may have caused her to suddenly start attacking.  Bella is a very, and I do mean very, hyper dog and she loves to play and antagonize our other dogs (Ava & our Golden Retriever Buddy).  We wrote off Ava’s attack as being due to Bella’s rambunctiousness and kept them separated for a few months and slowly started to integrate them.

All was well for the next month in a half or so.  Until about two weeks ago, I was putting the dogs out and Bella didn’t want to go out.  I noticed she was limping and checked her leg and she had deep gashes and wounds.  While we didn’t see any fight, we immediately assumed it was Ava and again started separating the two.  Ava and Buddy would get fed and then Bella.  Bella was chosen to be the one to be separated because Buddy gets annoyed with her as well, but he deals with it by not coming out of his kennel so that he doesn’t have to be around her.  So anyways, back on track.  When this second incident happened, we started looking for a new home.   We posted her up on Lejeune Yard Sales and Craigslist.  This didn’t yield us any results unfortunately.  But we kept her in hopes of finding her a new home where she’d be a better fit.

Then, out of the blue, she attacks Buddy yesterday.  Buddy is the most laid back, down to earth dog you can have.  So this was the final straw.  It was either take Ava to the pound, or risk having her attack one of our kids, specifically our 1 or 6 year old girls.  With that, we decided it was time for her to go to the pound.

The pound was a difficult task.  I did ensure that they wrote down on her papers that before euthanization, they contact us so that we can take her back if in the event they don’t find her a home.


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Kyndell doing donuts @ Busco Beach 1/8/2012

10 Jan

Well, Jan 7/8 2012 was my free weekend for the next month in a half as I prepare for my deployment.  On Saturday, my wife suggested we go to Busco Beach and go ride the four wheelers.  Without hesitation, I jumped on the idea.  With the highs being 70 degrees, it was the perfect weather to go riding. 

When we arrived, it was packed!  We haven’t seen it this packed for months.  So as we’re riding around, we see a ton of kids out riding their four wheelers and dirt bikes and they looked like they were having too much fun.  So after a short discussion my wife and I decided to bring the kids out Sunday to go riding.  My son wasn’t too thrilled about it.  Ever since his accident where he fell off, he has not wanted to ride them. 

My daughter on the other hand…

YouTube Preview Image

My daughter had a blast doing “zig zags” and donuts.   I’m going to get her four wheeler fixed up with some new rims and tires and some performance mods and see if she wants to race it.  I think she’ll have a blast doing it.  And if not that’s ok too.  We can rip it up together! 

I can’t wait for my deployment to get over…

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Crit’s Field Day

02 May

I went to Christians Field Day today. It was a pretty good time overall. I got there and was almost immediately bombarded by him and Quinten, aka “Q-Dog”, “Q Q”, for him to stay the night this weekend. I told them to has mom so they did it via video:

YouTube Preview Image

Mom caved. Unfortunately, when we got home, we got a call from Q’s mom and said that he wouldn’t be able to spend the night afterall due to previous plans that they had.

As for the actualy Field Day, it was a good time overall. Here’s a shot of the boys posing for the camera, from left to right, Crit, Q, Thing 2:

I did almost have to beat a little 4th graders behind today though. He put his hands on my boy trying to shove him around and I flew up out of the bleachers and snapped my fingers at him and said “Boy, you better never lay your hands on him like that again you hear me!” to which he replied “Yes Sir” and then started apologizing to Crit. 

Good times.

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