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Kynlee is a Year Old Today!

15 Dec

My baby girl turned one today. Who would of imagined time would fly this fast?!!?

Kynlee had an extremely hard first few months. There were times my wife and I looked at each other, thinking, “Is she going to make it”… Luckily, our baby is extremely hard headed and she refused to cave. It was no cake walk for us either though.

Kynlee had some breathing issues on the day she was born but they initially worked themselves out. We were released to go home after the normal three days or so. When we got home, she got really sick. She couldn’t breathe, she was gasping for air and we agreed she needed to go to the hospital. I stayed home with the kids and Dawn took Kynlee to the hospital. They said she was fine and sent her home saying to just give her some tylenol and what not.

After Dawn got home, about an hour later, she spiked a really high fever and so we called the ER back and spoke to them. The next morning, we took her to the doctors and they admitted her to the hospital. She stayed for a week and was required to stay in a tent and got breathing treatments every four hours and she cleared up and was doing really good. Everything came back negative, no RSV, no Flu, no nothing. So they released her and all was well for the first day in a half, to two days.

About that time, she started the same symptoms. We got her into the doctors ASAP and she was readmitted.

We spent two weeks there this time. They did the same treatment. Tested for RSV & other issues. This time, RSV came back positive. She stayed in the tent for the next two weeks and was receiving breathing treatments every four hours as she did the first stay. They eventually got her cleared up and at the end of those two weeks, she was released.

So we’re home, baby Kynlee is doing great. Then, she turns yellow/orange… Yup!! She started getting really high levels of billybean? I think it was called. She was suffering serverly from jaundice. They rushed a machine to the house that had the light thingy and we had to keep her under that until her levels were back down.

And now… Our baby has turned one!

She is doing much better these days. She still receives breathing treatments twice a day, but overall she is doing really good. And best of all, as of today, NO MORE FORMULA!! lol…


Lots of Updates

10 Feb

Hey all, it’s been a long time since I’ve written on here. Things have been especially hectic since we gave birth to our beautiful baby Kynlee.

For starters, as soon as she came home, Kyndell and I caught strep throat which caused Dawn and Kynlee to be locked in our bedroom for almost two weeks without being able to come out. This left me sleeping in Kyndell’s room with her. She didn’t like it too much when I moved out and went back to my room. She got pretty used to someone being in there with her, but she’s a big girl and got used to being in there by herself again, pretty quickly.

My back also went completely out just after Kynlee was born. I couldn’t hardly move, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t stand erect, it hurt to stand. It just all hurt. The pain finally subsided though and my back has been feeling pretty good until recently which I’ll touch more on when I get to that point.

Christmas was ok, nothing too exciting, we were fairly broke with Dawn being out of work and me covering all the bills. We gave the older kids cash and Kyndell got toys. Kyla spent her money on a 32″ Flat Screen TV and Christian, spent all of his money on Legos.

January was a long month for me. I had to get ready for an inspection at work, was working long hours. And then, baby Kynlee got really sick to top it off. So sick, she had to be admitted to the hospital. We spent 6 days in the hospital, Jan 22-27. There was never a diagnosis of why she was in the hospital. All the test for things like RSV, Flu, etc. came back negative. They released her on that Thursday, she still wasn’t completely better. She had a cough still but they said that would be 2-3 weeks long and would go away after that. Well for the next week and a half she seemed to be getting better. She still had her cough but that didn’t seem to be a huge issue as it sounded like it was getting better.

Then came our MCAAT inspection which was held on Feb 1-2. We knocked it out of the park. We got a 96.21% and are getting a certificate of excellence! I’m very excited about the outcome of this inspection. Being so critical of myself, it’s nice to see that I’m just being anal, instead of being really jacked up.

Well this last weekend, Kynlee’s sickness seemed to deteriorate. Saturday morning she sounded a little congested and then on Sunday, it was back to sounding like it did prior to her going into the hospital the first time. We called the doctors office first thing Monday morning and got the first appointment of the day which was right at 10 am when the doctor gets in. Dr Thompson takes a look at Kynlee and admits her back into the hospital. This time, however, we have a diagnosis. She has RSV (which is a bad flu for babies) and Bronchitis. We’ve been here since Monday, Feb 8th and it should be a 4-5 day stay.

Since Dawn was the one to stay with her day and night during the last hospital stay due to my inspection and stuff, I told her I’m staying this time. Although I did stay the night with her last time and came during lunch, I want her to get some rest and relax. She’s crazy stressed out. This comes at no small price. It’s making my back start to hurt again. It probably flared up from my MRI I had done yesterday. I hate MRI’s. My back gets so stiff that I can’t even get up off the MRI table, I have to roll off.

So anyways, that’s whats been going on here for the most part.

Till next time,
Be safe and take care!


Day 5 of Baby Kynlee

19 Dec

Baby Kynlee has been with us 5 days now! It’s an exciting time in our lives. Unfortunately, I’ve been showing signs of illness and therefore I’ve had to basically quaranteen myself from her and my beautiful wife, Dawn. It sucks. I miss them and yet, they’re only one room over…

I should be feeling better soon though and then hopefully I can move back into our room and I can take some of the burden off of Dawns shoulders. But since Kynlee is being breast fed, there will only be so much that I can do.

I took the 3 older kids to see Yogi Bear in 3d. It was a great movie but I don’t think it will do too well since it’s mostly a cartoon of the current adult population. My 11 year old, and my friends 6 year old, didn’t even know who Yogi Bear is! It’s because they play all these crappy cartoons now a days.


Baby Kynlee Finally Born!

16 Dec

Yesterday, Dawn and I woke up at 0325 to get ready and head out to the hospital for her scheduled C-Section. We were both dragging ass, but we made it on time.

We got there and they put us in our temporary room. Dawn got her gown on and I immediately started clicking away with the camera. It drove her crazy, but she didn’t have much say so lol. To view the pictures I have online, visit my Facebook Page.

I’ll tell you this though, there is not a happier father in the world.  I was unable to be at my first daughters birth due to being in Boot Camp, and in fact, didn’t even get to meet her until she was two weeks old.  It’s something I’ve regretted this whole time, even though I had no choice in the matter and did what I had to do to ensure she was properly taken care of.  But this time, I made sure I was there and nothing, except death was going to stop me from being there.  This came as no easy test.  I was in the emergency room the day prior because my back is severely jacked up.  They gave me a shot and some meds.  I got sick from the narcotics and threw up twice the night before Kynlee was born.  But I suffered through the pain and sickness and I was there.  Granted, I was walking around like some crippled old man, but like I said, NOTHING was going to stop me from missing another birth of my children.

And boy am I glad I was there.  It is just an amazing process and I am glowing like some super hero with special abilities or something.  Baby Kynlee is perfect.  And now, I have four of the most perfect children in the world.

And here she is, Baby Kynlee:

Baby Kynlee


Baby Kynlee Almost Here!

12 Dec

Friday night, Kyndell and I set off for Florida. We drove down to grandpas house and picked up his trailer and then headed for Nanas house. We crashed as soon as we got there.

Woke up the next morning and Kyndell and I went up to Burger King for breakfast. She got three pancakes and I got the usual #1. Amazingly, she finished almost all three pancakes. We went back to Nanas house and I started loading the stuff on the trailer that we were bringing back home.

Once we got packed up, we waiting for Nana to get home so we could take off. Nana had to finish a couple jobs before we could head out.

After Nana got there, we set off. We stopped at Boston Market in Port Orange. I love me some Boston Market and it’s been a while since I had it. It was yummy! I got the Half Chicken meal with loaded mashed potatos and mac n cheese.

Something must not have set well with Kyndell however and shortly after the Brunswick exit (Exit 29) in Georgia, I heard Kyndell cough and looked back and she was covering her mouth. I immediately whipped the car over and jumped out and got to the other side and got her out just in time for her to puke her brains out. Poor baby. She was such a trooper though!

So anyways, we got home, me, Nana, and Kyndell, all in tact.

And this can only mean one thing, IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR KYNLEE TO BE HERE!!! That’s right, Kynlee will be here Wednesday!! Can you believe it? It’s come so fast!! We’re doing some last minute things to prepare for our new addition to the family. We are already blessed with the three most beautiful children in the world, and now we’ll be blessed with a fourth!

I love my kids with all my heart!


Thought Kynlee Was Coming Last Night

16 Nov

The ladies from Doctors Hospital that Dawn works with threw her a baby shower last night. Apparently Dawn got overexcited and her water broke. So I rushed over there and grabbed her and rushed her to the hospital and one of the ladies that she works with followed us over as well.

They did a series of test and after the first one, it came back positive. However, after conducting a few more test that were more precise, it revealed that she had not in fact broke her water. So we lucked out. Kynlee didn’t come early. One of the many things that I thought about that wasn’t done was that I didn’t have her crib setup.

So, to mark the crib off of the honey do list, I knocked that out tonight. It took me a couple hours to build, but I got it built. Only had two screws left over and one wooden peg. Not bad for me if I say so myself.

Kynlees Crib

Kynlees Crib

I called my friend David to come over and help me move it from the garage into the Office slash Nursey (office is slowing moving out as we move Kynlee in). We pick it up and carry it to the front door to find out that it won’t fit. We take it to the garage and evaluate how we’re going to get it through the door. The consensus was that we were going to have to take it apart again lol.

We start taking it apart and I notice where the two screws were missing from so I was able to get those put in once it was all said and done. Once we got it apart we carried it into the office and got it all setup. Now I just need to get all the other stuff out of the office so that Kynlee can have her own room!