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Wow, Time Flies!

27 Oct

I didn’t realize It’s been almost 2 weeks since I last posted something. So here it goes: I’m working on a new banner for the Toys for Tots Bike Race that is coming up. This is the first time I’ve ever done a banner so it’s definitely a huge learning curve taking place. This is the latest revision, it will probably change once Gunny Barrera takes a look at it and chimes in with her input.

Toys for Tots Bike Race Banner

You can click on the image to view a larger version in a new window. Once I get the final ok, I’ll start cutting out the vinyl and get it applied to the banner. Hopefully it turns out well.



17 Oct

My back is killing me. Between PT Wed and my run Thursday, and then that three hour road trip to NC yesterday, it’s put a real hurting on my back. I’ve been having to use my TENS unit like crazy. A TENS unit for those of you unaware is this marchine that has pads you stick to your back and it sends electical pulses to the muscles and makes them rapidly contract which helps alleviate the pain.

I leave tomorrow for Camp Lejeune, that’s going to be a 5-6 hour trip and not gonna help out my back much at all. But yea, going up there till Thursday for the MCAAT conference for work.

I got my Florida Concealed Firearms License so I get to wear my XD concealed through SC now vice having to put it in the glove box.

Well guess that’s all for now. Gonna hit the sack.


On the Road Again

15 Oct

Heading up to Charlotte this morning. We left a little over an hour ago. The I-I (Inspector-Instructor), which is the Marine Officer in charge of our unit wanted to head up there for a meet n greet basically. We have a lot of new Marines at our company and battalion has a lot of new Marines too, so we’re heading up there to get some face time.

Whelp, we just hit a traffic jam. Sitting still on I-20.



Toys for Tots Shirt Sign’s

14 Oct

Tonight I completed the Toys for Tots signs that needed to be done for the fundraiser.  We’re giving away free T-Shirts with your donations of $10 or more.

If you’re interested in having any signs or decals made for your upcoming needs, please visit My Custom Decals or contact us here for more information.


Daily Randomness

13 Oct

Today was my first full day back at work. It was fairly hectic. Didn’t accomplish much, I spent most of the day going through my emails cleaning out my inbox by highlighting the ones that require action. Tomorrow I’m going to start working those emails.

I spent a little time sifting through the candidates for the upcoming election. It’s rough trying to figure out to vote for when you’re not local. I immediately eliminated all candidates that didn’t posses a website. I’m stuck with three candidates that I can not decide on…

Gunny B wants two signs made for Toys for Tots so I’m making those tonight. They look good so far, fixing to start cutting the material and applying it to the substrate. Pictures to come later…

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. We have several Marines coming back from Iraq so we’re going to meet them at the airport at 2200 tomorrow night when they land to greet them.


Computer Files a Mess!

12 Oct

Anyone else have an issue keeping your documents and media files organized?  I can not seem to get them straigtened out in an organized fashion. 

I’ve watched videos and read tutorials on how to properly catalog your files so that they are easily found yada yada, but that doesn’t stop me from having duplicates after duplicates of everything all over the place.

I have 2 external hard drives and 4 hard drives which all contain about the same mixed up junk.  I’ve been going through my MP3 files trying to get those organized by getting them into iTunes and getting rid of my duplicates. 

Once this is done, I’ll work on properly tagging them (I think, lol) and then will proceed on to my photos.  I dread my photos.  I have raw images, processed images, and they are just as mixed up and duplicated as my MP3’s.

Wish me luck!


Sleepless in Augusta

12 Oct

For the past month or so, I’ve been unable to get a good nights sleep.  I have been awake late and up early.  I try going to bed early, but I just toss and turn and it seems to be a hopeless battle.   Same thing with getting up in the morning.  The littlest thing wakes me up and I find it impossible to fall back to sleep.  

It’s driving me nuts. 

Might even be a contributing factor of why I’ve been so standoffish lately.  I hope, for my sake and my families sake, I’m able to get some sleep soon.  I really feel like I’m starting to become an insomniac!  AHHHH!!!


New website, yet again.

12 Oct

Gonna attempt to keep this one going.  I’m always changing my mind.  We’ll see how this goes though.  This is not going to be anything organized what-so-ever.   This will probably be in the running for the Guiness Book of World Records for the most random website.