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Family Trip: Lights of the South

28 Nov

Tonight we headed out to Lights of the South. We gone every year for the past three years.

It’s a really neat experience. Basically, it’s a hay ride through a forest full of christmas lights. They have various charachters out there to include Dora, Hello Kitty (Kyndell’s favorite), Spiderman, Batman, etc.

This year we also did the maze. It’s fairly big. It does cost an extra $3 per person to do the maze, but the kids wanted to do it so we went for it. Kyndell led the way through the maze and we successfully found our way through. With one exception. We went in the out and out the in. lol.

And what Christmas experience would be complete without Santa Clause? Lights of the South has the most realistic looking Santa Clause ever and plays the roll great! Here is a picture of Santa & Kyndell:

So, if you’re ever in the Augusta area, head down to Grovetown and check out Lights of the South, I’m confident you won’t regret the experience.

Hours of Operation are 7 nights a week, from 6pm to 10pm, November 20th through December 30th. They are however, closed on Christmas day. One other note from experience, get there as close to if not a little before 6pm otherwise you will have a fairly long wait in line as it quickly gets packed.


Happy Thanksgiving!

25 Nov

Today is the day to give thanks to everything that is important in your life. I am thankful for my wife, for my three beautiful children and thankful for the baby girl we have in the oven who I am excited to meet in a few short weeks.

I’m thankful that I have a roof over my head, food on the table, and clothes to keep me warm. I might not have any money in the bank lol. But I am thankful that God seems to continue to provide for me, especially when I need it most.

Dawn has to work today, so the kids and I will be spending thanksgiving of at Chef Jesson’s house. The kids are excited. I think they’re just really hungry lol. I’m not letting them eat. Well, that’s not entirely true. They had breakfast and I finally just gave in and let them have a snack.

Well, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Make sure you don’t drink and drive. Don’t overeat and drive. Seriously lol. That damn turkey will knock you out quick!


If It’s Going To Rain, Don’t Forget To Look Up!

16 Nov

I recently bought a 2004 Lincoln Navigator. One of the main selling points I was looking for was a sunroof. I found plenty of viable vehicles, that had everything I wanted, except a sunroof and I just kept looking until I found the right vehicle that had everything I wanted, to include a sunroof.

I almost always have my sunroof open in one of the variations in which it opens. It’s just one of those things that I love in life. Driving down the road with the windows down and the sunroof open! The sun glistening off my bald head, which is probably a driving hazard to passer-by’s but never-the-less, I love it!

You’re probably wondering by now, what does the post title have to do with what I’ve shared so far. Or maybe you’ve even figured it out.

Last night I ran up to pick up some pizza from pizza hut. We haven’t had pizza in a while so we splurged. When I pulled up into the drive way, I made sure to shut all the windows before getting out because I knew it was going to rain all day today and tomorrow and wasn’t quite sure when it was going to start raining.

This morning, I get the kids up and ready to go to school. Everyone is ready and so we venture out to the car to get in and head to school. I key in my door code to unlock and it and open the door. When I sit down I immediately notice a bunch of water in my car and think to myself, “what the heck?”. So, I look up and what d’ya know, my darn sunroof is open and I’m getting rained on!

So, if you have a sunroof and love it as much as I love mine and it’s always open, make sure you look up if it’s going to rain so you shut your sunroof!


Thought Kynlee Was Coming Last Night

16 Nov

The ladies from Doctors Hospital that Dawn works with threw her a baby shower last night. Apparently Dawn got overexcited and her water broke. So I rushed over there and grabbed her and rushed her to the hospital and one of the ladies that she works with followed us over as well.

They did a series of test and after the first one, it came back positive. However, after conducting a few more test that were more precise, it revealed that she had not in fact broke her water. So we lucked out. Kynlee didn’t come early. One of the many things that I thought about that wasn’t done was that I didn’t have her crib setup.

So, to mark the crib off of the honey do list, I knocked that out tonight. It took me a couple hours to build, but I got it built. Only had two screws left over and one wooden peg. Not bad for me if I say so myself.

Kynlees Crib

Kynlees Crib

I called my friend David to come over and help me move it from the garage into the Office slash Nursey (office is slowing moving out as we move Kynlee in). We pick it up and carry it to the front door to find out that it won’t fit. We take it to the garage and evaluate how we’re going to get it through the door. The consensus was that we were going to have to take it apart again lol.

We start taking it apart and I notice where the two screws were missing from so I was able to get those put in once it was all said and done. Once we got it apart we carried it into the office and got it all setup. Now I just need to get all the other stuff out of the office so that Kynlee can have her own room!


Toys for Tots Standup @ Columbia County Fair

13 Nov

Well, Christmas is nearing, so that can only mean one thing. Toys for Tots!

Wednesday night I went out and did a stand up for the Toys for Tots foundation. We do this yearly as a reserve unit. I was out there for about 5.5 hours and we raised $624 in just bills (didn’t count the change), and over 1600 toys.

It’s a great feeling knowing that I’m helping out those families that are in need.

While out there, the volunteers that put on the fair, invited us into eat with them. They had an excellent home cooked meal prepared. And when I say invited us in, I mean, they would not start eating until we came in and got our plates first. They were very hospitable and an extremely great group of people.


Kids are great, aren’t they?

09 Nov

I love my kids. They bring me joy and happiness to my life. Yea, they might upset me now and then, but the memories that kids bring, you can cherish for the rest of your life.

A few months ago, I got pulled over for doing 68 in a 55. The police officer walks up and lectures me about speeding with my kids in the car and asking if I would want to damage such precious cargo, I acknowledge that I screwed up and that I indeed would not want to hurt them due to something stupid like that.

He takes my license and registration and heads back to his car to run my stuff and comes back to the window. He doesn’t say anything to me, he looks at my kids and asks, “kids, should I let you dad go with a warning or give him a ticket”. I swear I started sweating profusely as I was honestly afraid of what they were going to reply with. I couldn’t even bring myself to look at them while they hesitated to answer.

You can imagine my sigh of relief when they replied to give me a warning. Luckily, he had already had my warning wrote up so even if they said give me a ticket, I think he’d of still given me the warning.

I came across a video today that reminded me of this incident and thought I’d share it with you guys as I could totally see my kids doing this to my wife or I.


Poker Night!

08 Nov

Went out and played some poker over at a friends house last night. I haven’t played Texas Hold ‘Em in forever, since I was in Iraq back in 2007. So it was a good time. I ended up winning the pot. Wasn’t nothing big, but still put a victory in the books for me, which, doesn’t happen too often when I play poker lol.

Worked out in the Garage for a few hours this weekend, I got a lot done! Still have a lot to do, but it’s definitely getting there. I’m going to take all the garage sale stuff to the local flea market one weekend and see if I can’t unload this stuff to fully clear out our garage. I’ve labeled this endeavour, “Operation Man Cave”. Although, the other motive is to get Dawn’s side out of the garage cleared out so she can start parking in the garage again.


New gun for the armory, Springfield XD-40 Service

05 Nov

My XD-9 Subcompact now has a big brother; I picked up an XD-40 Service tonight. I’ll be leaving the XD9SC at home for the wife in the event she ever needs it. I’d like to get her to start carrying it in her purse, but I first need to figure out some way to persuade her to come down to the police station with me to get her fingerprints done so we can work on her concealed weapons permit for Florida.

Oh well, maybe after we have Kynlee and I can get her to the range to shoot some she’ll get a little more involved with it.

Anyways, without further ado, here is a picture of big brother…

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04 Nov

I added a new classifieds section. Gonna look at using this to try and unload some of my junk I’ve got laying around my garage. You know the old saying, “One man’s junk, is another man’s treasure”.

Well, I have plenty of treasures laying around in my garage waiting to be discovered, I can promise you that!

So keep posted and check back to the classifieds every now and then for some kick ass deals!


Toys for Tots Banner Complete!!

04 Nov

Finished it Monday night. It kicked my butt, but you better believe I conquered it!

This is my first attempt at a banner, let alone a banner that is almost as tall as I am. There are a couple issues that are bugging me on this, The Red/Black overlay on Tour De Range Road did not space properly so some of the words have more black shadow than the others. And then the bike on the right, happened to line up with one of the holes, so the wheel may very well end up having to be cut off around the hole.

They hung it up on Fort Gordon yesterday. The contact info on the left looks a little small from the road as you’re driving by. So, I’m going to be creating a yard sign with bigger contact info to put underneath the banner. Not what I envisioned for this project, but it’ll work.