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Peach Mac Sucks!

11 Feb

Today, Dawn came up to the hospital to relieve me for a bit so I could get some fresh air.

I decided to go hunt down some cases for our iPhones I bought us yesterday.

I started with Target because we needed something else from there. Didn’t see anything too appealing. Off to Best Buy. Tried out the Otter Defender and liked it at first but after wearing it around the store I decided it was just too bulky for me. So I put it back and moved on.

My next stop was the Apple Store. Again, nothing to appealing so I decide to drive across town to Peach Mac. I buy a case for my wife, the Otter Commuter for me and some anti glare screen protectors.

Prior to buying the Commuter, I asked if I could try it on my phone as they were making a big deal of the buttons not aligning up. He said he couldn’t let me do that because it was packaged up too good. I said ok and decided to get it knowing the buttons wouldn’t be an issue since the Defender worked fine.

Upon getting back to the hospital, I put my wife’s case and screen protector on and she is satisfied. I then put on my screen protector but lint always finds my screen protectors. You should see my iPad lol. After scrapping the screen protector I try the case out. There was a sharp plastic edge up top that was uncomfortable on my ear when I talked. So I packaged it back up, keep in mind, there was no extreme packaging going on, not even a sticker to secure the box closed. After getting it back into the packaging I head back to Peach Mac.

I got back to Peach Mac about an hour and a half after I was first there buying my cases. I go to return it and he says he has to check with the manager. I guess he wasn’t sure if I was allowed? They say ok, I can return it but it’s a 10% restocking fee. Are you serious? My packaging looked absolutely no different than any other package on the shelf but you’re gonna charge me 10% to walk your fat ass three steps to the shelf to your left?

So, needless to say, I will never shop at Peach Mac again. It was only about a $4.00 fee or so, which isn’t entirely a big deal. It boils down to the concept of it though. I can understand charging 10% in something where the packaging is messed up or on a larger item like a computer or something but a flawless package that has been out of the store an hour?

Give me a break.


Lots of Updates

10 Feb

Hey all, it’s been a long time since I’ve written on here. Things have been especially hectic since we gave birth to our beautiful baby Kynlee.

For starters, as soon as she came home, Kyndell and I caught strep throat which caused Dawn and Kynlee to be locked in our bedroom for almost two weeks without being able to come out. This left me sleeping in Kyndell’s room with her. She didn’t like it too much when I moved out and went back to my room. She got pretty used to someone being in there with her, but she’s a big girl and got used to being in there by herself again, pretty quickly.

My back also went completely out just after Kynlee was born. I couldn’t hardly move, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t stand erect, it hurt to stand. It just all hurt. The pain finally subsided though and my back has been feeling pretty good until recently which I’ll touch more on when I get to that point.

Christmas was ok, nothing too exciting, we were fairly broke with Dawn being out of work and me covering all the bills. We gave the older kids cash and Kyndell got toys. Kyla spent her money on a 32″ Flat Screen TV and Christian, spent all of his money on Legos.

January was a long month for me. I had to get ready for an inspection at work, was working long hours. And then, baby Kynlee got really sick to top it off. So sick, she had to be admitted to the hospital. We spent 6 days in the hospital, Jan 22-27. There was never a diagnosis of why she was in the hospital. All the test for things like RSV, Flu, etc. came back negative. They released her on that Thursday, she still wasn’t completely better. She had a cough still but they said that would be 2-3 weeks long and would go away after that. Well for the next week and a half she seemed to be getting better. She still had her cough but that didn’t seem to be a huge issue as it sounded like it was getting better.

Then came our MCAAT inspection which was held on Feb 1-2. We knocked it out of the park. We got a 96.21% and are getting a certificate of excellence! I’m very excited about the outcome of this inspection. Being so critical of myself, it’s nice to see that I’m just being anal, instead of being really jacked up.

Well this last weekend, Kynlee’s sickness seemed to deteriorate. Saturday morning she sounded a little congested and then on Sunday, it was back to sounding like it did prior to her going into the hospital the first time. We called the doctors office first thing Monday morning and got the first appointment of the day which was right at 10 am when the doctor gets in. Dr Thompson takes a look at Kynlee and admits her back into the hospital. This time, however, we have a diagnosis. She has RSV (which is a bad flu for babies) and Bronchitis. We’ve been here since Monday, Feb 8th and it should be a 4-5 day stay.

Since Dawn was the one to stay with her day and night during the last hospital stay due to my inspection and stuff, I told her I’m staying this time. Although I did stay the night with her last time and came during lunch, I want her to get some rest and relax. She’s crazy stressed out. This comes at no small price. It’s making my back start to hurt again. It probably flared up from my MRI I had done yesterday. I hate MRI’s. My back gets so stiff that I can’t even get up off the MRI table, I have to roll off.

So anyways, that’s whats been going on here for the most part.

Till next time,
Be safe and take care!