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Android Development

08 May

For the past few years I’ve really wanted to give smart phone programming a go. It stems back to when my wife bought my first Android phone, the HTC Eris.

Unfortunately I never really persued my desire until just recently.

A couple of months ago, they finally released the HTC Thunderbolt. This phone was great out of the package but my yearning to get more involved with this platform was at an ever increasing high.

So I rooted. This became almost an addiction in itself. I was flashing every rom I could get my hands on. I finally found the one that suits me and I’ve turned my focus to developing apps now.

I’ve been beating myself up trying to figure out what to program. What is it that I’m lacking That I can’t do without

It finally hit me yesterday while driving. The name, the purpose, all of it. I was unsure though because I’ve lived without this app and I never even really thought to look for something like this.

When I got home, I hopped on Android Market and checked it out. Booya!! There is only two other apps in regard to this and both appear to be still early on in development which means I have a chance at becoming a heavy contender.

This morning, after taking care of all my Mother’s Day duties, I hopped on the computer real quick and setup a Google Market account and Google Checkout account. I am now able to post free and paid version apps for download to your Android powered device.

With that said, I have nearly got the initial framework done for the app I’m programming and will need to theme it after that.

I’m excited at the thought of possibly having a hit app available for download.

Stay Tuned.

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Crit’s Field Day

02 May

I went to Christians Field Day today. It was a pretty good time overall. I got there and was almost immediately bombarded by him and Quinten, aka “Q-Dog”, “Q Q”, for him to stay the night this weekend. I told them to has mom so they did it via video:

YouTube Preview Image

Mom caved. Unfortunately, when we got home, we got a call from Q’s mom and said that he wouldn’t be able to spend the night afterall due to previous plans that they had.

As for the actualy Field Day, it was a good time overall. Here’s a shot of the boys posing for the camera, from left to right, Crit, Q, Thing 2:

I did almost have to beat a little 4th graders behind today though. He put his hands on my boy trying to shove him around and I flew up out of the bleachers and snapped my fingers at him and said “Boy, you better never lay your hands on him like that again you hear me!” to which he replied “Yes Sir” and then started apologizing to Crit. 

Good times.

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