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Kynlee is a Year Old Today!

15 Dec

My baby girl turned one today. Who would of imagined time would fly this fast?!!?

Kynlee had an extremely hard first few months. There were times my wife and I looked at each other, thinking, “Is she going to make it”… Luckily, our baby is extremely hard headed and she refused to cave. It was no cake walk for us either though.

Kynlee had some breathing issues on the day she was born but they initially worked themselves out. We were released to go home after the normal three days or so. When we got home, she got really sick. She couldn’t breathe, she was gasping for air and we agreed she needed to go to the hospital. I stayed home with the kids and Dawn took Kynlee to the hospital. They said she was fine and sent her home saying to just give her some tylenol and what not.

After Dawn got home, about an hour later, she spiked a really high fever and so we called the ER back and spoke to them. The next morning, we took her to the doctors and they admitted her to the hospital. She stayed for a week and was required to stay in a tent and got breathing treatments every four hours and she cleared up and was doing really good. Everything came back negative, no RSV, no Flu, no nothing. So they released her and all was well for the first day in a half, to two days.

About that time, she started the same symptoms. We got her into the doctors ASAP and she was readmitted.

We spent two weeks there this time. They did the same treatment. Tested for RSV & other issues. This time, RSV came back positive. She stayed in the tent for the next two weeks and was receiving breathing treatments every four hours as she did the first stay. They eventually got her cleared up and at the end of those two weeks, she was released.

So we’re home, baby Kynlee is doing great. Then, she turns yellow/orange… Yup!! She started getting really high levels of billybean? I think it was called. She was suffering serverly from jaundice. They rushed a machine to the house that had the light thingy and we had to keep her under that until her levels were back down.

And now… Our baby has turned one!

She is doing much better these days. She still receives breathing treatments twice a day, but overall she is doing really good. And best of all, as of today, NO MORE FORMULA!! lol…


I Sure Do Miss Big Mama

10 Dec

I miss this woman trememndously. Maybe it’s because I don’t have much of a social life as I never go out (I’d much rather spend the free time with my family) and I haven’t had or used any social media websites such as Facebook in months! And to make matters worse, I don’t socialize with anyone from work on a personal level.

I could always count on getting an email from Big Mama. When I was deployed to Iraq, I would get emails and jokes and daily inspirational prayers and stuff on a daily basis, multiple times a day. As work has slowed up a little bit, it’s got me really missing her right now. I know I’ve already said that a few times and I’ve only written like three or four sentences.

She always had time and was never too busy for me.

Now that I’m preparing for another deployment, I find myself sitting here, staring at the screen… Wishing, praying… That someone would email me. Big Mama is gone, so I don’t have her to fill my void. My wife is busy, understandably so, running the family affairs back home and working and so she gets tied up and can’t email me.

So, here I sit, typing, and writing to myself on this site.