I Sure Do Miss Big Mama

10 Dec

I miss this woman trememndously. Maybe it’s because I don’t have much of a social life as I never go out (I’d much rather spend the free time with my family) and I haven’t had or used any social media websites such as Facebook in months! And to make matters worse, I don’t socialize with anyone from work on a personal level.

I could always count on getting an email from Big Mama. When I was deployed to Iraq, I would get emails and jokes and daily inspirational prayers and stuff on a daily basis, multiple times a day. As work has slowed up a little bit, it’s got me really missing her right now. I know I’ve already said that a few times and I’ve only written like three or four sentences.

She always had time and was never too busy for me.

Now that I’m preparing for another deployment, I find myself sitting here, staring at the screen… Wishing, praying… That someone would email me. Big Mama is gone, so I don’t have her to fill my void. My wife is busy, understandably so, running the family affairs back home and working and so she gets tied up and can’t email me.

So, here I sit, typing, and writing to myself on this site.

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