High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

14 Jan

I’ve always been intrigued by High Dynamic Range photography.   The photos look so vibrant and alive and I’ve wanted to give it a stab for quite some time.   In October, I bought the Nikon D5100 after selling and upgrading from my Nikon D50.  One of the features I thought was cool about this camera was the fact that it had a HDR feature where, when selected, it would automatically take multiple photos to create an HDR.

Unfortunately, I either wasn’t doing something correct, or it just wasn’t that impressive to me.  This kicked me into gear for giving it an attempt.  So I bought an HDR book from Banes & Noble to give me some tips and ideas and I did a little research online.  I ended up coming up with the following:

(Attempt #1)  Our christmas tree the night we put it up (minus the tree skirt, we had to buy a new one lol)

(Attempt #2)  A shot of my 2004 Lincoln Navigator on a beautiful day…

HDR is certainly not for everyone to enjoy.  While I personally liked the way my Christmas tree turned out for my first ever HDR, a co-work told me it “looked like shit”.   I do plan on doing more HDR photography in the future when I get my new lens and I hope to be able to perfect it better each time I attempt it.

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