Bye Bye USAA!!!!

15 Jan

So here’s the deal…

I’ve been a member of USAA for 13+ years. I’ve been banking with them and had insurance with them the entire time. I’ve had a car loan through them. I’ve had renters insurance for 6+ years, I’ve had boat insurance, mutual funds, everything. When we bought our house a few months ago (I went with Wells Fargo) I cancelled my renters insurance to get home owners insurancewith USAA and they wouldn’t insure me because it was hurricane season. So this irritated me a little but whatever. It’s understandable.

Then this morning, I go to transfer some money into savings only to have my savings account not show up in the drop down, so I look at my account listing and theres no savings account. Thinking this is a website issue, I log out and log back in, still no savings account.

So I call USAA and get their emergency line and he asks how can he help me with my debit card emergency or lost card issue and I stated that I logged onto USAA and my savings account was gone. He said I’d need to call back they only handle debit card emergencies and lost cards and I said what about lost savings accounts and he said nope I’d need to call back during normal hours.

I asked him when normal hours were and he gave me the mon-sat spiel and knowing tomorrow is a holiday, I asked if they were open tomorrow. He said no I needed to call Tuesday.

So my savings account, is gone, and they think it can wait until Tuesday??? Granted I didn’t have much if any money in it because I’ve already been having thoughts of switching anyways for better rates but for it to just be gone, scares me. What if I did have money in it? What if it was my checking account?

The only thing I can think of is since I’m fixing to deploy I’ve been trying to get all my accounts linked and setup for auto pay on my bills in the event I don’t have internet my payments are still getting made and maybe they closed it due to suspicious activity, but the problem with that, is I was linking my checking accounts, not my savings accounts and then setting up auto transfers from checking to savings…

Anyways, as of today, I’m going with Navy Fed. I’ve had an account with them as long as I have USAA but it’s just sat dormant since I’ve always used USAA.

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