Bought a New Boat

07 Sep

I’ve wanted my own boat for as long as I can remember. The last boat I had was more of a family boat that I called mine since I used it more than anyone in the family. It was a 14′ Tri-Hull with a 25hp Mercury pull cord motor on it. It was a great boat, although, I’d rather have had a different engine as I’m not a big fan of Mercury.

When we moved to Georgia, I convinced my wife to let me finally buy a boat. She wasn’t entirely excited about it, but she played along. She is a fan of a center console as am I, but I wanted something more family orientated, so I decided to go with a pontoon boat. Dawn (my wife) wasn’t thrilled about a pontoon boat, but she didn’t express this to me so when I found one I went with it. It was a 24′ Party Barge with a 90hp Force. On a side note, this strengthened my hatred for Mercury. But overall, it was a perfect fit for our family and getting all the kids and dogs on it without being crowded. But what’s funny about all this is, in my effort to get a family friendly boat, it turned out to be just me on the boat 98% of the time. My wife finally expressed that she wasn’t a fan of pontoon boats because “they’re for old people” and so she would never go. When we left Georgia to move to North Carolina, we decided it was time to let the boat go.

When we got to North Carolina, we didn’t have any intention of buying another boat. We bought several ATV’s when we moved here and have been enjoying time out riding those, but I’ve been checking the classifieds for boats pretty much daily. We decided something a little more, let’s say, new age, so that Dawn wouldn’t feel like an old lady. A center console was out in my opinion because I just don’t feel it’s suited for kids, so we agreed on a cabin style boat. Well a year and a half later, I find myself deployed. Still searching classifieds, checking out the boats available for sale. Then. It appeared. A 2001 Seastrike Striper 2101 Walk Around. Interior was immaculate. Motor was strong. I emailed him, but let him know that I wouldn’t be home for a couple months due to my deployment and that was that. Two weeks later, my wife and I were talking and I mentioned the boat and showed her a picture and she loved it too! Emailed the guy back and he still had it! Well, after working the logistics with the seller to get the boat inspected and funds arranged and what not, we finally completed the transaction and now, the boat is sitting in the driveway awaiting my return.

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I bought a boat, while deployed, without even looking at it lol. But it was entirely too hard to pass up. The report came back from the mechanic and everything was rock solid with the exception of three things. One, the stern light didn’t light 360 degrees. Seller fixed this. Two, bilge pump is not functioning. $50 fix which I will take care of when I get home. Three, hours didn’t match hourmeter. Not a huge deal, there were 303 hours on the motor which is amazing considering the motor is 11 years old (about 27.5 hours/year). Hopefully it’s as good in person as it is on paper. I think it will be!

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